Live More Sustainably

Here are 4 proven approaches to becoming more sustainable:

  1. The Natural Step Framework: The Natural Step Framework has been widely used by
    businesses, governments, and NGOs to guide their sustainability strategies and actions. It
    has been adopted by many companies as a way to identify and address environmental and
    social risks and opportunities, and has helped to promote a more systems-based approach
    to sustainability.
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  2. The Triple Bottom Line: The Triple Bottom Line has been widely adopted by
    businesses as a way to measure and report on their social and environmental performance,
    in addition to their financial performance. It has helped to promote a more holistic approach
    to business that considers the impacts of business activities on people and the planet, as
    well as profits.
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  3. The 5 R’s: The 5 R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot) have been widely
    promoted as a way to achieve waste reduction and resource conservation. It has helped to
    raise awareness about the importance of reducing waste and has provided a simple
    framework for individuals and businesses to adopt more sustainable practices.
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  4. The Circular Economy: The Circular Economy has gained momentum in recent years
    as a model for promoting sustainability in business and industry. It has helped to shift the
    focus from linear models of production and consumption to closed-loop systems that
    prioritize resource efficiency, waste reduction, and product design for durability and
    Learn more at The Circular Economy:

    Each of these is a starting point for finding ways to make your world more sustainable. 
    Get interested and you will find many more opportunities to live and leave a better





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