Make a Difference Today

Go Green Northbrook is working on the following sustainability initiatives. We welcome you to join us in advocating for sustainability.

What You Can Do Today

  • Gas-powered leaf blowers’ toxic fumes and noiseClick this link to email our Village Trustees to support restrictions on gas-powered leaf blowers to reduce their negative impacts on nature and the environment.
  • Polystyrene food ware action:  Sign up to contact your legislator to support a statewide reduction in the use of Styrofoam-type single-use products.
Other ongoing initiatives:

Explore some of our other campaign resources below.

Plastic bags and pollution: Be sure to thank our village trustees for passing a measure in support of ‘bag-fees’ to cut pollution caused by plastic and single-use bags in Northbrook.

No Idling Campaign
Turn The Key…Be Idle Free. Make an effort to avoid idling your vehicle to help us reduce harmful air pollution

Expanding Northbrook’s Tree Canopy
Trees are truly the lungs of our earth. Pledge to plant a tree, and learn more about what trees are native to Northbrook.

Composting Guide
Learn how to get started with making your own compost pile, find local compost services, and check out our beginner-friendly guides. Reduce your food waste while creating compost for your garden!

Biking and Active Transportation Resources
Bike maps, events, and tips for biking around the burbs and beyond.

Green Energy Guide
Curious about solar? Want to cut energy costs while helping the earth? Learn more by exploring our green energy guide