Turn The Key…Be Idle Free

Why Not Idle?

Car exhaust contains air toxins, which are known to cause cancer, respiratory distress, reproductive effects and other serious health effects. According to a recent study, air pollution can actually damage the brain.

Previous studies have shown that air pollution can cause inflammation and damage to the vascular system, but this 2015 study, in The Annals of Neurology, showed damage to the brain itself.

Children breathe at a higher rate than adults and are particularly vulnerable to air pollution.

Facts on Idling:

  • There is no need to warm up car engines.  Modern cars’ engines can actually be damaged by excessive idling, according to the EPA.  Here is a link to a 2014 Washington Post article on the myth of warming up our cars: No Need to Warm Up Cars
  • Idling more than 10 seconds uses more fuel than restarting the engine

You can find more information on the EPA website on personal car idling from the US Department of Energy

Department of Energy Compares idling with start/stop