Northbrook’s Tree Canopy

Northbrook’s Climate Action plan recommends that Northbrook residents consider adding trees to their home landscapes. The Chicago Botanic Garden studied the local trees and found the best for the long-term, including our changing climate.

Need help getting started? Choose the right tree for the site. Ask yourself, Shade, flowering, screen or showy, what do you want and need? What size will it be at maturity?  IL Extension created an excellent guide to Selecting, Planting and Caring for Trees in Illinois. Commit to caring for the tree and you will make a difference.

At the nursery, choose a smaller tree and the tree will have an easier time establishing itself than a large, 3″ or more trunk. Always call JULIE before digging. Take our Pledge to Plant a Tree

Oak Tree at Techny Prairie
An Oak tree provides food and shelter for animals and invertebrates at Techny Prairie Basin in Northbrook, IL.