How To Plan a Waste-Free Party

Are you interested in learning how to plan an event or party with virtually no waste or excess cleanup? The time, money, and energy put into party preparations may be taxing on you and the earth. However, it does not have to be! You will save money, save the environment, and cut down on waste with some careful preparation for your next waste-free party or event.

It’s possible to have a successful waste-free party without using tons of plastic at your next event. These days, it’s simple to cut back on waste. You can eliminate the need for one-time-use items that are harmful to the environment. If you want the companies that contributed to the current disaster to reduce their use, we can all do our part by demonstrating that it is possible to use less plastic.

There are clever and innovative ways we can all do our part to prevent using disposable plastics, whether we’re hosting an intimate dinner for two or a large community gathering. Naturally, waste reduction is an opportunity to get creative, so don’t worry about having any less fun.

Go Green Northbrook’s Best Tips for a Waste-Free Party

1. Inviting Your Guests

The first step in planning a waste-free party or event is to use e-mail or E-Invites to let your guests know about the upcoming party. Additionally, you can send out invitations and simultaneously ask them to skip the disposables. For example, you may announce, “We’re having a waste-free event!” Everything is allowed, including food, games, and other entertainment, as long as nothing gets thrown away.

Have your guests understand that recycling and reusing items is part of the party theme. Do not use conventional methods of advertising such as printed flyers and posters. Make the switch to digital and spread your message electronically to help the environment. The use of social media platforms has made it much simpler to keep visitors informed. Learn how to set up an Event on Facebook here. Your guests can R.S.V.P. digitally! 

2. Decorations

Naturally, decorations from nature are the most beautiful. Wasteful decorations are unnecessary when the earth already looks so amazing. It’s best not to waste money on party decorations that could wind up damaging the natural environment. Choose a natural setting like a park or beach for your gathering. Luckily for us in Northbrook, we have tons of beautiful forest preserves nearby. 

3. Label Your Bins

Label everything to make things easier for your guests. Get the recycling and compost bins in order. Make careful you clearly label the various bins and baskets. If you need help disposing of your waste, you might want to get in touch with the Village of Northbrook or Waste Management. They might be able to provide mobile stations available for rent. If not, make sure there is big, obvious signage to direct guests to the correct trash cans.

4. Avoid One-Time-Use Plates and Silverware

Avoid using throwaway plates and silverware.  Disposable plastic cutlery and paper plates don’t compare well to the real thing. Additionally, your guests will enjoy it if you use genuine dishes, real silverware, real glasses, and real napkins. Plus, this makes a better impression on not only your guests but also the environment. 

5. Think Ahead and Provide Eco-Friendly Substitutes

Make sure everyone knows that this is a waste-free party or event. Provide concrete examples of eco-friendly substitutes. Consider recommending canteens or thermoses as an alternative to disposable water bottles. Think ahead. Someone will inevitably forget to bring their reusable bottle or plate, no matter how many reminders you send. Be prepared to provide your guests with reusable dishes, cloth napkins, and utensils. 

6. Make It From Scratch

Everyone loves family gatherings, parties, and potlucks. If your guests insist on bringing something, propose they make the dish from scratch. Ask them to bring it in an unpackaged dish to share. Likewise, this will help reduce waste. You won’t have to worry about a full garbage can at the end of the party. 

7. Spending Time Together Is What Matters

Remember that spending time with your family and friends is more meaningful than providing them with material items. Whether the event is large or small, you can still have fun without creating excess waste. Ask your guests not to bring anything unnecessary such as gifts with tons of wrapping paper, or cards that may potentially be thrown away in the trash. 

8. Choosing Party Favors

Keep the waste-free party vibe going strong with party favors that are durable and long-lasting that your guests can put to good use. If they are not reusable items, make sure they are recyclable. 

9. Save Money and Space

If you’re worried about dishes or paper plates, finger foods are the way to go. By serving meals that don’t require plates or silverware, you can save money and space. Simple-to-prepare meals include nachos, shrimp, and charcuterie boards.

10. It’s Easier Than It Seems

 It’s easier than you think to practice minimal or no waste. Tossing trash in the recycling or compost bins instead of the regular trash can helps the environment and saves money.

Be mindful that you may easily replace most single-use items with reusable, loaned, or previously owned alternatives. We hope the fantastic ideas we provided above have given you some ideas for throwing a waste-free celebration. If they were helpful to you, they probably will be to someone you know. 

Please share this article to raise awareness of the ease with which any event may be celebrated without producing any waste. Contact us if you have any suggestions; we’d love to hear them and might even include them in the post.






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