Techny River Trail

TechnyRiverTrail_ProposedAerial» The goal is to establish a 1-mile trail near Willow Festival that connects existing trails to the north and south. This would create a 5-mile path for walking, running and cycling.

Key Facts:

  • Plans for this trail are currently not being considered as the Village of Northbrook is concentrating on another trail along Skokie Blvd. currently.
  • If interested in actively supporting or assisting with this initiative, sign the petition (also via link below) and send us email.
  • We need a strong group of activists to assist with this cause.

Trail project:

The goal is to establish a connecting trail along Founders Drive as part of the Chicago River Bicycle Trail by establishing a Techny River Trail. Members are communicating with the Village of Northbrook to realize and work through what it will take to develop this trail.

The Techny River Trail has support of GGN members and needs support from Willow Festival businesses and residential developments along Founders Drive, Techny Road and Devine World including Crate & Barrel and Five Seasons. A consortium of multiple organizations within the specific geographic area for which this trail is recommended is needed.



Video Presentation

See a video presentation about the Techny River Trail on our YouTube Channel.

View or download our Techny River Trail brochure »