Healthy Foods


The goal of the Healthy Foods initiative is to promote community awareness and involvement as we take a deeper look into the impact our food choices have on our physical well-being and on the environment.  The importance of our food choices begins with the health of the soil, the health of the seeds, and the way in which the plants are grown and cared for.  Was the seed genetically engineered?  Was the plant and/or soil treated with herbicides and/or insecticides?  When we eat meat and animal byproducts we need to think about how the animal was cared for.  Did the animal eat its natural diet or a diet of genetically engineered feed?  Was the animal given antibiotics and/or hormones?  The answer to these questions have a profound effect on our health.

We have focused on genetically engineered foods and have stayed up-to-date with current government legislation.  We plan to explore delicious ways to incorporate more healthy fruits and vegetables into the diet and eat less processed foods without feeling deprived.  We will learn about organic farming, visit farmers’ markets, watch and discuss documentaries, and learn why making sustainable food choices is important for our health and for the health of our planet.