We’d love for you to join us in whatever capacity fits your lifestyle and schedule. Send us an email with a description of your interests, to share information or for further information on our efforts.

Current initiatives include:

» Reusable Bags Initiative (RUBI)

  • Liaison with local stores
  • Encourage and applaud reusable bags
  • ‘Don’t Forget Your Reusable Bags’ campaign
  • Community education on dangers of plastic bags

» Green Schools

  • Connect green volunteers from each school in Northbrook
  • Liaison with school administrators
  • Build curriculum for environmental education in schools

» Healthy Yards + Gardens

  • Educate on the dangers of pesticides, herbicides + insecticides
  • Host annual Healthy Habitats Yard Tour (typically in July)
  • Healthy yard sign promotion

» Education + Community Outreach (ECO)

  • Website & Social Media
  • Community events
  • Member meetups
  • Fundraising

» Cycling

» Energy Conservation

  • Arrange hosted ‘energy parties’ around town
  • Collect data from past participants for reference
  • Host annual GGN Home Tour (typically in May)