Yard Waste-If it Grows, It Goes

Now that yard waste pick up has started and spring is officially here with some sun and rain, we would like to inform and remind everyone about yard waste disposal, and what should go and should NOT go into the yard waste totters and kraft paper bags (landscape collection paper bags)

While working in your yards and gardens this season, remember, “IF IT GROWS IT GOES”.    Grass, leaves, sticks, brush, garden waste, yard debris, shrubs, trees, sod, soil (no clay) and roots are all items which should go in your yard waste bin or kraft paper bags.

What doesn’t go: Plastic bottles, Mulch plastic bags, soil plastic bags, pots or trays the plants came in, candy wrappers and snack chip bags, landscape timbers, ANY WOOD other than that that has been removed from a living or recently deceased tree, PLASTIC BAGS of ANY KIND (this includes the dog droppings in grocery bags picked up and disposed of in the yard waste bins), string of any kind (including twine or string wrapped around bales of branches or bales of straw), landscape netting or ground cover netting

Remember, if it grows in a garden, it goes