Go Green Northbrook and Northbrook Park District – Wonderful Partners

Another Successful Collaboration between GGN and the Northbrook Park District!
    On Tuesday, May 4, twenty-four new trees were planted at Wood Oaks Park. Thanks to a grant received by GGN from the Hanson Family Foundation and the Park District’s willingness to provide land, installation and ongoing maintenance the area of the park that borders Sanders Road will have shade and cooling for years to come. The types of trees planted included Serviceberry, Sweetbay, American Hornbeam, Shingle Oak, Sugar Maple, Persimmon, Shagbark Hickory and Douglas Fir. This variety of trees were chosen in order to combat the loss of trees to disease and because they are native to our area. Native trees have a high survival rate after transplanting and great longevity.     Girl Scouts from Wood Oaks Junior High’s Troop 40819 met at the tree planting site to learn about the trees and help with some of the follow-up work. Ed Dalton the Park District’s Director of Parks and Properties, and Mark Kosbab, Grounds Manager for the Park District spoke with the Girl Scouts, explaining the history of the park, the harm caused by the Emerald Ash Borer and other tree blights that can wipe out tree species and the importance of trees for our environment.       Go Green Northbrook has spent the last year working on ways that to help combat climate change. Because trees absorb carbon and help cool the environment, GGN has supported tree installations wherever we can.
   In the last calendar year GGN has helped support the planting of trees at St. Giles Episcopal Church, the Village Presbyterian Church, COVE School, Salceda Park and now, Wood Oaks Park.  
   We also advocate for residents planting trees in their yard, including participation in the Village’s 50/50 Parkway Planting program.