Plant a Tree, Please

In addition to its usual educational and environmental activities, this year Go Green Northbrook
has committed to facilitating the planting of 100 trees to add to Northbrook’s green canopy.
Trees absorb carbon from our atmosphere in an efficient way. Their deep root systems store the
carbon which the tree “breathes in” through photosynthesis. The build-up of carbon in our
atmosphere leads to changes in the earth’s ecosystem. Such changes are harmful to life.
Trees help shade us from heat in the summer months.
Tree’s root systems keep soil from compacting, which makes the soil more able to support other
plant life.
We have reached out to houses of worship, schools and businesses to see if they have land
available for planting. We are in the process of seeking donors of trees or of funds to purchase
trees for planting on the identified sites. If you can donate or know someone else who might,
please contact us at
However, in this time of unprecedented social distancing, our group’s planting efforts have been
curtailed. So, we ask all of you who are able to think about planting a tree in your yard and
take our PLEDGE. You can do the research now, so that when we are able to be out and about
again, you will know what type of tree you want. May or June is a great time to think about
planting certain types of trees.
The company Arborsmith ( has created a list of questions to answer
before you decide what tree to bring home to your yard.

  1. Do you want a shade tree, flowering tree, a screen or a showpiece?
  2. What size will the tree be at maturity? Problems are avoided when you thing about
    eventual size when planting.
  3. Don’t select a tree over 3” in diameter as it takes one season for every inch of trunk
    diameter to recover from root shock.
  4. Think about where you will plant the tree. Make sure it will not interfere with buildings,
    wires or sewers at maturity. (AND REMEMBER to always call the utility clearance line,
    JULIE, to locate all buried lines before you dig).
  5. Think about when you will plant the tree. Most evergreen are planted in the spring,
    before it gets too hot. Most deciduous trees can be planted in the spring or fall, although
    some species do better at one time or the other.

COVID 19 has given us all a lot to think about. If you can think about one green thing, think
about planting a tree.