One Person Makes a Difference

There is a wonderful mantra for working to reduce our carbon footprint, reliance on plastic, and our contribution to landfills.


If you cannot refuse an item that you know will be discarded, give thought as to how that item might be reused, repurposed.  What can you do with it within your own home?  If you, personally, cannot reuse the item here are some places that can:  most cleaners will be happy to take back their own hangers; Heartland Animal Shelter can use newspapers, towels, and blankets;  Kohl Children’s Museum uses plastic caps, corks, CDs, foam, thread and buttons in art projects; Northbrook Library takes books; Fleet Feet reuses shoes; Brushwood Center at Ryerson uses art supplies.

Do you know of other places to bring items to reuse?  Let us know.

If each and every person would give thought to reusing an item before recycling or discarding, our world would be a much greener place.  What can you do?

One Person Makes a Difference