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Advanced Disposal Accepted Recycling

What can or cannot be put into our weekly recycling bins is a constant source of confusion for many well-intended environmentally concerned residents.  Many rumors and much misinformation circulate abundantly.  To clear up some concern, Advanced Disposal does indeed have two separate trucks for pick up – one for trash, one for recycling.  Recycling is then brought to one of two recycling centers – one in Waunakee, Wisconsin, one in Plover, Wisconsin.  There, the items are sorted and separated for recycling.
     Cardboard or paper is typically a clear cut decision.  Any clean cardboard, office paper, brown paper bags, mail, or newspaper is accepted.  Think in terms of paper that can be ripped cleanly without shredding.
     Aluminum and metal containers need only to be lightly rinsed to be accepted. 
     Plastic is what causes the most confusion.  On the bottom of all containers, the recycling numbers are marked.  #1 – 5 and #7 are accepted.  This would include plastic bottles, jars, jugs, and many containers that need only be lightly rinsed and No Plastic Bags.
     However, caps on these containers are not the same type of plastic as the containers.  Many of those caps even contain rubber residue.  Caps also can shoot off at a high speed when the bottles are crushed for transport, causing safety issues.  Another problem is that the caps can fall off during the sorting process and jam the equipment.  
     The bottom line:  feel comfortable recycling paper and cardboard, metal and aluminum containers, and most molded plastic; be courteous about the condition and cleanliness of the items; remove plastic caps.