For Anyone Who Provides Straws:

Parents, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Healthcare workers…

How can you reduce costs and protect the environment?


  1. Provide straws only upon request
  2. If your cups, drinks or patrons require a straw, serve biodegradable straw(paper, bamboo).
  3. Businesses who adopted these approaches cut costs because the  reduced volume of straws outweighed the higher per-straw cost of  sustainable options.
  4. Educate yourself and your employees about the harmful environmental impact of straws.
  5. Talk to your patrons about the positive impact they make by forgoing a straw. Conversations with your patrons, posting a sign on your window or wall or putting a flyer on your tables are possibilities.
  6. Add your business to The Shedd Aquarium’s wall of fame for doing your part to #SheddtheStraw.