Before the Flood screening at Northbrook Public Library on October 23 was attended by over 50 people. The film sends a strong message that we must consume differently.  We must care about what we eat, what we buy and how we get our power.  We need to vote for leaders who will fight climate change by ending fossil fuel subsidies, invest in renewable energy, leave fossil fuels in the ground and support a price on carbon.

If you missed the screening go to
We had a short but sweet discussion about Carbon Draw Down.
These are the Ideas generated in the community discussion:
  • Recycle, Reduce, Reuse
  • Bike all Seasons and times of day
  • Replace Grass with Native Plants
  • Eat a Plant-based diet
  • Eliminate Palm Oil from diet (CHECK THOSE LABELS)
  • Turn off your engine-NO IDLING
  • Participate in Community Solar
  • Choose renewable energy as your energy source instead of the standard Com-Ed (CUB has a list)
  • Use reusable water bottles
  • Get a rain barrel for your rooftop water catchment
  • Plant Native Trees to absorb excess rain water and capture CO2
Other thoughts generated:
Let’s get a plastic bag fee in Northbrook (in the mean time BYO bags)
Ban Coal Tar in Northbrook (contact our trustees)
We need a groundswell of people who care to let our representatives know that Climate Change is important to us.  Are you with us?