Vanishing Bees: You are Concerned, Now What Can You Do?

Thanks to Northbrook Public Library, a crowd of concerned people viewed a screening of Vanishing Bees. With the continuous decline of the bee population, we want to make a difference. Bees are an indicator of the health of our environment. They greatly impact our food supply- honey and most fruits and vegetables. Here are some ideas:
1. Plant Bee friendly gardens. They prefer native plants.
2. Stop using pesticides and herbicides.
3. Learn about Bee Keeping, they are welcome in Northbrook.
4. Write to your Government Representatives about your concerns.
5. Join Go Green Northbrook, make a donation.
6. March in a parade with Go Green Northbrook (see below)

“With the number of pollinators declining, it’s important that people are educated in identifying these bees and taking measures to try and conserve their populations and protect their habitats.”
-Eric Mader, The Xerces Society

Here is a link to the Xerces Society’s list of Bee friendly plants:

Ask at Red’s Garden Center about Bee friendly products.

Chicago Botanic Garden has some classes on bee friendly gardens and bee keeping.

National Wildlife Federation has tips on Gardening for Pollinators:

To be honest, prairie gardens are hard to maintain. We recommend working with an expert on planning your prairie garden.

Are you available to march with GGN in the 4th of July parade? We have the opportunity to get support from 2 other organizations if we can get a relevant number of marchers. The other organizations are Illinois Right to Know GMO which advocates for GMO labeling and Mom’s Across America which is getting communities together to fight bee-killing chemicals.
If you are interested or even a maybe, PLEASE contact Go Green and we will get back to you on the details.

If you have other ideas, please let us know.