Yard Flooding?

We’ve got flooding issues in Northbrook. Our yards get too much water. Bushes get trimmed and and when it rains, the area floods. It is worse when we remove trees and shrubs.  Standing water and flooding result.

What  do you do? Go Green Northbrook has done some research on best practices and local organizations and companies that can help.

Plants, especially leaves work to absorb and transpire rain water into the atmosphere. The answer is to select the right plants for specific areas (e.g., sun, water, salt tolerance, clay and growth characteristics), and understand the maintenance issues before planting starts.

Camille Stauber of Sustainable Places, INC. is a great resource.
http://www.sustainableplaces.com/index.html Camille can discuss ways she can estimate how much stormwater can be absorbed by plants and soils for a yard and share how plants can absorb both stormwater and toxins (e.g., heavy metals, petrochemicals and lawn chemicals).

Greenwise is another local green garden company. They offer landscaping services and design that is environmentally friendly.  They refrain from using toxins and are affordable.  http://www.iamgreenwise.com/

Northbrook Public Works has a rain garden program that will reimburse half of the lowest bid up to a certain maximum. www.northbrook.il.us/5050Program

Morton Arboretum has a tree selector. Go there for info about high water absorbing trees for our area.  http://www.mortonarb.org/trees-plants/tree-and-plant-advice/tree-selector

What other ideas do you have?  We would be happy to hear.