How to make your own insect repellant

So much has been said and written about chemicals and their effects on our bodies that I wanted to try something besides traditional, commercial insect repellants. However, I was skeptical that something that was natural would be as effective. But last month I visited a farm where the cook recommended using Warm Vanilla Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist from Bath and Body Works. For 3 days I generously spritzed myself with vanilla; for three days, I was bug-free. I was convinced. That said, the cook herself was using Geranium and Citronella Oils and both of which had a weaker scent than the Vanilla, so I was ready to try it once I got home.

I went to Whole Foods, where someone helped me find the right oils and containers. In fact, on the geranium oil bottle is a ‘recipe’ for insect repellant. I followed it, doubling it, and finding the biggest challenge was to measure and pour into my small-necked bottle. Next time I make it, I’ll have a funnel handy. For others, I recommend buying a bottle with a dropper in the lid so you can measure and ‘pour’ more easily.

1 oz. carrier oil (like sweet almond)

3 drops geranium oil

3 drops citronella oil

spray bottle or bottle with dropper lid

This concoction kept me bug-free the rest of the summer, so I encourage you to try it.

Image of oils for homemade insect repellant


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